What is Traffic Jam Assist Feature?

  In new generation cars, safety systems are no longer limited to braking or stability control. There are active driving elements that both increase driving comfort and offer safe travel at the same time. One of them is the “Traffic Jam Assist” feature. We've heard of the equipment, which is Traffic Driving Assistant in Turkish, mostly in Audi and Volkswagen models. So what is the main function of this system? Let's find out. “Traffic Jam Assist” is a driving support system introduced by Bosch in the past years and works in automatic transmission vehicles. Traffic Jam Assist works within a certain speed range. According to the data of Bosch company, it is active in the speed range of 0-60 km / h and the road condition is checked with the radar and cameras in the vehicle. By using adaptive cruise control and lane tracking assistant together, the vehicle's gas and brake functions are controlled automatically. If we open a little more, with Traffic Jam Assist, the v